Plesk SSD VPS Helps Developers Save Time In Managing VPS Servers

You are strongly encouraged to check out the perfect match - Exabytes SSD VPS and Plesk Onyx 17.8. With auto integration function, you can save a lot of time on the consuming tasks. Manage your SSD VPS, automate, run and grow your applications or websites easily and efficiently with WebOps platform.

What can you do with Plesk SSD VPS?

It is for Developers

Git version control, WP-CLI, SSH/SFTP, and phpMyAdmin access put developers in the driver seat, with more control over their application environment.

Integrated WordPress TOOLKIT 3.0

You can easily manage a few or more WordPress websites in your Plesk SSD VPS

  • WordPress Management
  • WordPress One Click Hardening
  • WordPress Security Scanning

Optimized for Speed

Exabytes Plesk SSD VPS uses High-End servers with combination of SSD RAID10 storage, Nginx with HTTP/2, latest PHP7 with memcached and Opcode support as well as free CDN.

Choice of SSL Encryption

With our Plesk SSD VPS, you can now provide greater protection of your services and enable all your sites from a valid SSL certificate.

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